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And the winners are...

We had an excellent Flashmeeting this morning, where around 20 of the partner countries came together to vote online for their favourite pictures in each category. Thank you to all the 30 countries who had emailed their votes to me by yesterday, and to all who came along this morning!
You can view the FlashMeeting recording here.

The winning pictures in each category were:

Places: Iceland

And here is the winner with her trophy!

People: Turkey

Here is the winner, from Turkey, with her trophy!

Nature: Sweden

Here is Sweden's "Nature category" winner, showing off her trophy!

Sport: Sweden again!

And here is Sweden's "Sport category" winner, with her trophy!Once again, thanks to all who took part! Could the winning schools please email me with details of the pupils who took the winning pictures, and I will have the trophies engraved and sent to you as soon as possible.

Thank you!

Slideshow of all four categories

P  L  A  C  E  S

P  E  O  P  L  E

N  A  T  U  R  E

S  P  O  R  T

Hungary - Final Photos

Well, that was a hard decision (especially after having seen the photos you posted as finalists)... :) Anyhow, we have chosen the following ones:
Nature This photo was taken in the yard of our Community Centre by Gyuri.
People ... in the school-yard
Taken at Bugac, the largest separate area of the Kiskunsag National Park.
Sport Jani loves playing basketball. :)
Good luck and thanks for sharing such an experience. :)

Y Lluniau Cymraeg (The Welsh Photos)

Here are the final entries from Wales!

Places: Our School on a rare sunny day!

Nature: Our woodland and story-telling circle

People: Year 3 exploring nature

Sport: Rugby, of course (for Sport Relief)

Finalist photos from Estonia

Nature: Our next-door neighbours

Places: An old manor in our village

Sport: We love football"

People: Ryan

Pictures from Italy!

It has been really great to work in this project and the kids are enjoying it very much. So big thanks to Michael and Oleflemming and to you all for this great project!
Here are the finalist photos from Italy:

Places: A spot of our town at night taken by Sofia

People: Girls playing frisbee taken by Arianna

Nature: a view of the Adriatic sea taken by Sofia

Sport: a photo taken by Arianna during our Easter school trip.

Our favourite photos - Slovenia

People: Neli and her brother with snowdrops.

Nature: Monica's view of the reborn nature.

Places: Gal's sunset.

Sport: Ski-jumping in Planica/Slovenia.

Photos from Finland!

Here are the photos from Finland, taken by the 5th graders! Enjoy!
Here you can see two girls from our class, enjoying the sunny weather outside.

Here is the hamster of one of our students. What a cute little thing!

Here are some of our students in a show of the circus school which they attend.

This is a beautiful shot from our school yard, one school day in the winter, when it's dark for the most of the day. This was close to the lunch time and the sun was still so low.

Pictures from the Czech republic

Hello everybody. Here are our finalist pictures. The pictures were taken by pupils from the class 5a. We hope you will like them.


New born snails taken by Klára.


St Augustin's Church in Brno taken by Anežka.


A public festival in a southern Moravia village taken by Dominik.


A car race near Brno taken by Klára.
A nice greeting from Slovakia
Here are our finalist photos to compete.
We have done our best to take some nice photos.
So we keep our fingers crossed to vote the best winning photos.
The photo of a nice place in our home town Poprad

The photo of the most favourite sport in our country

The happiness of two best friends

Our photo of the nature in the combination with a new way of promoting :-))

pictures from Belgium

here are the pictures from Belgium. The pupils are 8 years old.
For more pictures visit our website:





Here you are the final photos of TURKEY! Nature-ABANT LAKE taken by İrem HATİPOĞLU Place-KONAK CLOCK TOWER taken by Abdullah AYDEMİR Sport-TAEKWANDO taken by Emirhan KUTLU People-LONELY GIRL taken by Rabia ÖZTÜRK

Finalist photos from Scotland.

Hello everyone and thank you so much for all the wonderful pictures that have arrived here from all corners of Europe! It has been a pleasure seeing the project develop, and I'd like to thank you all for your enthusiastic approach- pupils and teachers!
As others have said already, it's not going to be an easy job to choose the winners...

Here are the four finalist photos from us in Scotland.

Category: People...sitting by the loch. (The Scottish word for a lake)
Category: Nature...newly born lambs relax in the sunshine.

Category: Places...field near our village of Gifford, in winter.

Category: Sport...runner at Meadowbank Sports Stadium, Edinburgh.