Final pictures from C.E.I.P. Tibi.Alacant.

Hello to everybody from this little corner located in the south east, nearby to the Mediterranean Sea.
Nice to share with you this fantastic experience.

Here you are our final pictures. They're all from our little village, its culture and customs.

Category- Nature

Pines branches come out of the balconies. We celebrate it on Sunday Easter. Young people who are eighteen years old decorate the houses of the village by using pines branches in order to get some money from their neighbourhood to enjoy with their friends.
It's made by Sara, 6th level.

Run boys run!

In July we celebrate our village Festival, people like running in front of the cows. In spite of, some cow runs faster than the boys.
It's made by Roberto, 6th level.

Playing with torches of fire in the village centre.

The night before Xmas Day. The children play in the centre of the village by rotating the torches, we called them "aixames". And after it, children ask for the Xmas presents before to go to bed.
It's made by Sara, 6th level.


Look at Rudolph pulling Santa's sleigh, ehy!

First and second level children from Primary are singing a Valencià folk song about "Rodolf el ren" at Xmas School Festival.
It's made by Gilliam, 5th level.

Good luck from Tibi!!


Michael said…
Well done Spain- great pictures! I wouldn't like to be one of those boys running away from the bulls!

Good luck in the contest from Scotland.
Morven and Cara (from Scotland) said…
We think your nature picture is cool the way the pine branches are curved in that way over the balconies.
Your picture of the men running in front of the bulls very good too.
annukka said…
WOW!!!That bull chasing one looks fun but scary. I bet they had to run pretty fast!!!

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