Photos from Sweden

Here are the photos which the pupils in class 5 -6 in Grimsås school, Sweden have choosen.

Waterdrops on a straw of grass.
Elin has taken the photo


Sunset over the second largest lake in Sweden, Vättern. Tobias took the photo


Catherine took a photo of her little cousin.


Catherine has taken a photo of her aunt´s "sambo" when he is skating.


Wow, you have some talented photographers in your school!
Michael said…
I agree with Steffen- these are really excellent photos- well done Sweden! :-)
Sinikka scotland said…
Aww that baby is so cute!

Sinikka (Scotland)
Arja and Hannle (from Scotland) said…
The picture of the grass with dew on it is cool it is my favorite out of them all on the blog.
Mika in Scotland said…
The grass blade is awesome and so detailed!

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