And the winners are...

We had an excellent Flashmeeting this morning, where around 20 of the partner countries came together to vote online for their favourite pictures in each category. Thank you to all the 30 countries who had emailed their votes to me by yesterday, and to all who came along this morning!
You can view the FlashMeeting recording here.

The winning pictures in each category were:

Places: Iceland

And here is the winner with her trophy!

People: Turkey

Here is the winner, from Turkey, with her trophy!

Nature: Sweden

Here is Sweden's "Nature category" winner, showing off her trophy!

Sport: Sweden again!

And here is Sweden's "Sport category" winner, with her trophy!

Once again, thanks to all who took part! Could the winning schools please email me with details of the pupils who took the winning pictures, and I will have the trophies engraved and sent to you as soon as possible.

Thank you!


Marek Fularz said…
Congratulations from Poland :)
Ursula said…
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Ursula said…
Congratulations to the winners!
Your pictures are really great!

The "Tigers" from Austria
femfemman said…
Thanks a lot to all of you. And a special thankyou to MIchael and Ole for inviting us to the project!
Anna-lena and the superclass in Sweden

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