Monday, 4 January 2010

Hello everyone from England

Happy New Year everyone!!

We are a large primary school in Doncaster, Northern England. We have just over 400 pupils in our school. We are really looking forward to sharing our photographs.
We have had a busy day in the snow today, we were eventually sent home from school because it was really deep. We have attached a photograph of what it looked like. Best wishes!


darja said...

Hello! The snow came too late to make Christmas a fairy tale, what do you think? Best wishes!

Mr Purves said...

Good luck to you all, from Mr Purves and his class in Scotland!

Stadil-Vedersø Skole said...

Hello England
Yes we did get a lot of snow here too. By now my children whish to see the spring. All the best wishes to you and your children.