Hello from Sweden!

A cold and snowy "HEJ" to you all, comes from Grimsås, in the south part of Sweden. We are still on Christmas holiday, and will be for some more days. Teachers start working om Friday, pupils on Monday, the 11 of January. The pupils who are going to take part of the competition are 11-13 years old. We are going to start preparing for interesting photos as soon as possible. I suppose we can use old photos too, because I think most of us will show the beautiful Swedish summer. But... lets see what happens.... Here are some NEW photos taken by myself. Anna-Lena

It will be great to collaborate with you all, discovering new parts of Europe together. And.... I promise you ... next year we will win prize after prize .... Michael is an e-twinning winnerhead!


Mr Purves said…
Hello Sweden, and good luck in the contest!

Mr Purves and his pupils in Scotland.
Hello Sweden
Yes summer is beautiful in Sweden, but your photo is certainly also. Good luck to all from Denmark.

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