Hello from Italy!

Hello to all of you!
I wish we had snow here, but we have only had rain lately!
We have 300 students, and are in the centre of Italy and we are very happy to participate in this project.
Students are about 11 and they are looking forward to taking their pictures and seeing yours.
This is the logo representing our school.


Kolbrún Svala said…
I like your logo, beautiful colors. Who made it?
Your school is the same size as ours here in Iceland. We have no snow yet it has smelted and we have plus degrees now in January and that is very unusual for us. The sun is only about four hours in the sky every day and it is very dark outside so we are still having the Christmas lights on to lit up our surroundings.
Aapo and Arja said…
That is a beautiful logo you have. Aapo and Arja
Michael said…
I agree, it's a lovely logo! Good luck in the contest.

Mr Purves in Scotland.

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